Wordpress sidebars not updating

Solution You can set web page caching off via your web host’s configuration panel.

If not, you can contact your web host for disabling the web page caching.

Solution Match the pages you made the changes and the page you are viewing.

Sometimes, you overwrite the file but it didn’t get overwritten completely.

Solution Pay attention to the source file and specific file chosen to view the changes.

It’s a very common problem with designers and developers or even basic users that the changes or edits they commit to the Word Press site, are not visible immediately.

Most of the browsers do not update the cached data, so it reloads the old content. Solution To resolve this issue, Select the Disk Cache section and empty the cache by clicking Empty Now.

You can also use CTRL SHIFT DELETE to open this menu and delete private data.

Having a tough luck with your site as Word Press page updates not working?

Don’t panic if your Word Press is not responding as expected.

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