Windows roaming profiles not updating

If you have Windows Server or a Net Ware server, you can set up users so that their Windows profile settings follow them, no matter what workstation they log on to.The Microsoft Exchange Server Resource Kit includes a utility that works with to create profiles.You'll find it under Folder Redirection, the same place as the policy redirecting the desktop and documents folders.Note that folder redirection policy has an option to keep the redirection in place even when the group policy no longer applies.

The tools listed below can generate profiles for this situation, too.

We used to have roaming profiles which were pointing to "\nas\homes\Profile. Now we want to switch to local profile redirected folders (Desktop and My Documents).

That's what we've done: Now, the desktop & My documents folders have been redirected correctly. For instance, the App Data folder is still the one used with the roaming profiles, so if I delete it, the user profile on the client computer become unusable.

How can I tell to the clients that they need to keep the profile on the local computer?

I hope I've explained the problem in a clearly way. Matteo EDIT I didn't mention that there was a policy which redirected the App Data onto a shared folders, but now it's disabled (checked through gpresult on the client).

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