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The decision launched a 30 year career around the globe. - Angela Dotchin invents a new word - Angela Bloomfield gets confused over who she's talking to - Peter Elliott almost gets hit by part of the set - Peter Elliott manages to stay in character after Tandi Wright hits a pot plant - John Leigh performs miracles on a sick dog - Peter Elliott has some bother with Elizabeth Mc Rae's cheque - Michael Galvin hurts his leg - Roy Snow gets his cords confused - Theresa Healey has a bumpy kiss - Paul Ellis's face is grabbed by a baby - Ido Drent announces he's pregnant - Craig Parker hits a pot plant - Mr Whippy distracts Nisha Madhan - Angela Bloomfield fluffs her line - Angela Bloomfield battles dialogue and weapons - Lee Donoghue forgets a line - and more! - Michael Galvin on doing a rap - Martin Henderson on fast-paced TV - Robyn Malcolm on "the slut in the cardy" - Tem Morrison on medical terms - John Leigh on his exit - Danielle Cormack on leaving first - Antony Starr on acting under pressure - Angela Bloomfield on her first day - Craig Parker on forgetting ego - Shane Cortese on his dark role - Theresa Healey on playing "sassy" - Ido Drent on memorising fast - Stephanie Tauevihi on ravaging Blair Strang - Dean O'Gorman onrelaxing on TV - Amanda Billing on farewelling her character - Mark Ferguson on playing his own brother - Stelios Yiakmis on stumbling into the set - Elizabeth Mc Rae on being warned away - Rob Magasiva on nerves - Nancy Brunning on her first six months - Peter Elliott on thugs and idiots - Paul Gittins on advice - Blair Strang on sleeping with his sister This docudrama follows an imaginary news reporter who travels back in time to cover the days leading up to the Treaty of Waitangi’s signing on 6 February 1840.

Dropping the usual solemnity surrounding Aotearoa’s founding document, it uses humour and asides to camera to evoke the chaos and motives behind the treaty.

Photos from fa Craig Parker w ith fans 20 Craig P arker Interv iew EFF I never really thought I would make a Glaber video, but here it is...At high school Craig Parker was "the world's most uncoordinated kid".After discovering that taking drama would mean less time in PE, he picked acting.The lovely Actor Craig Parker talks to NZ On Screen about Gloss, Shortland St, Hercules and Xena.See more NZ television, film and music videos on Screenta lk Interview Craig Parker Here is my interview with lovely Craig Parker.

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