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RPC adds a cancel time-out mechanism to ensure that a caller can regain control within a specified amount of time if a cancelled call should fail to return.

The RPC API provides programmers with the means to apply these extended semantics, but it shields applications from the rigours of transport level send-and-receive programming.

Specifically, the call itself is made as a local procedure call, and the underlying RPC mechanism handles the remoteness transparently.

Server interface programming is thus similar to local procedure call programming, except that the handler of the call runs in a separate address space and security domain.

RPC semantics extend local procedure call semantics in a variety of ways: Network transports may offer varying degrees of reliability.Beyond this restriction, the programmer is free to place any set of remotely callable operations in a given interface.The RPC paradigm makes remote calls an extension of the familiar local procedure call mechanism.As such, it is a necessary prerequisite to the understanding of the manual pages, and the manual pages assume knowledge of this chapter, even when they do not make explicit reference to it.The description serves three purposes: The general information covers topics, such as binding and name service usage, that are relevant to many of the manual pages.

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The RPC run-time system handles these transport semantics transparently, but RPC call specifications include a specification of execution semantics that indicates to the RPC protocols the required Because calling and called procedures do not share the same address space, remote procedure calls with input/output parameters use copy-in, copy-out semantics.

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