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I use a lot of gym photos so I attract girls who are looking for something physical as opposed to meeting their future husband.Tantan can be troublesome, though, if your Chinese isn't on point.I'm not really sure how to tailor a white guy's photos but I imagine you can be pretty honest about your looks.I know bald, short, fat white dudes who have girls coming straight over for bangs off tantan. You can go with pretty unapologetic fitness photos.After talking to them they are interested in or have been to Asia. Asians have the tradition going back from a couple hundred years ago that when they traveled to Western countries for university, they would specifically want to learn about western civilisation and ideas.That should be obvious really, but it's a shame these universities are now run by people who hate their own culture and history...

I sent about 20 copy/paste messages with my IG name. Just cuz none of them responded and no new girls added me on IG? I have used Tantan a bit in Europe, and deleted it. And when you get a date you can meet a very conservative girl who gets traumatized when you touch her.

I'm really not someone who can give much advice on tantan because my match % is very low but made my profile just to seek out girls who are into fitness and have traveled to the West.

I do my best to screen out girls who don't speak much English and stuff like that.

I think the usefulness of this app is highly dependant on location.

I use tantan in China and it can be very effective if you craft your profile and photos properly.

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