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One of the more important features to customers is the ability to view and analyze their web traffic.

CPanel offers three statistics programs for end users to view their stats, all of which are free and open source: “.

Every single shared hosting server we have has been optimized for speed and we do not exceed a certain number of customers per server.

Now this fix below worked great except when I tried to do it to my "main" site, the site which is also the name of the server.

Our web hosting services are billed monthly and with no additional or hidden costs.

If we fail to live up to our side of the bargain, there are no termination fees.

I inadvertantly chmodd'd my ROOT tmp to 755 FROM 777 bringing half the php and mysql stuff on my server to a halt!! Ok, here's what DID work for me: Log into root cd /home/username/www ln -s ../tmp/webalizer stats chown username.username stats cd ../tmp chmod 755 ./ chmod 755 ./webalizer Hi.. - setup a redirection for above subdomain, for webalizer, put " for awstats, put " Change "yourdomain" to your actual domain.

It's not working for me I did this (as I too log in as root): Logged into root cd /home/username/public_html ln -s ../tmp/webalizer stats chown username.username stats cd ../tmp chmod 755 ./ chmod 755 ./webalizer but when I go to /stats I just get a 404 saying: You don't have permission to access /stats on this server. The /tmp and /webalizer directories are showing chmod as 755 and the /stats link is showing 777 thanks.. I added it manually to the end of the .htaccess file Does it need to be at the beginning? It seems as though its trying to get there as its not showing the page not found page, but rather saying I don't have permission to view it :-/Hi All this way worked for me...

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