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During the 1920s, LGBT people in Berlin were generally tolerated by society and many bars and clubs specifically pertaining to gay men were opened.Although same-sex sexual activity between men was already made illegal under Paragraph 175 by the German Empire in 1871, Nazi Germany extended these laws during World War II, which resulted in the persecution and deaths of thousands of homosexual citizens.

That's why they have these standard questions they ask men as soon as they get the chance.

Now, here's the real secret to dealing with women, starting from the moment you get a woman asking you these questions...

Then women stay with you for the internal benefits you offer them, which not only means it's for who you are as a person — rather than for being a means to an end, like a provider — it's for the relationship itself.

Now that you have the understanding required to identify and see the true intentions underneath them, here are the questions themselves...

and how do you handle or respond to them so that a woman doesn't see you as a provider, and thus, leverage you in the process?

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They're mostly there because of the external benefits they receive.

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