Vs 2016 designer cs not updating

they aren't "behaving" like they do in a web project in that, changing the ascx markup and then saving, doesn't appear to re-generate the designer file.

How can I get the tooling to run to generate the file when changes to the markup are made?

I have allready got code in place to detect modifications to ascx files and invoke a custom action without using the single file generator approach, but it sounds like i should probably switch mechanisms to this new approach to fit in better with the cps ecosystem.

Unfortunately most of the hard stuff is in the code that needs to interpret the ascx file and code gen the designer file - and it sounds like there is nothing in built that i can leverage in this regard :( I have gone down the single file generator route, my generator is fired from a normal c# library project if I set the "custom tool" in the properties window to be the name of my generator.

I am really struggling trying to get ASCX files working with my project system.

I created an item template that brings in the ascx, code behind, and designer files, by creating a vstemplate like this: This works in that I can add these files to my project system.

Sometimes that works (for me), and sometimes it doesn't.

I then have defined the "rules" for my project system, such that these files are recognised as content types, and are nested appropriately - even though that has lead to the issue #102 which occurs when I unload and reload the project - will ignore that issue for now.

However even after the project items are all in place and displaying in solution explorer like I want them..

It already works in CPS for and files T4 text templates files This page describes how to create and register a single file generator: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb166817Unfortunately, I don't know how the default ascx file generation works in VS - I couldn't find it in the single file generator registry on my box.

One note: the single file generator feature is activated in CPS if a capability named "Single File Generators" is defined in your project.

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So when I later converted my project to Visual Studio 2017 and . I found out that adding a resource file also adds the following to the project’s I was still wondering why it stopped working in the first place, so I (again) looked at the past commits where I updated the project to newer . Apparently, the resource files were never mentioned in the old json-based project files.

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