Updating ubuntu without internet

By default, many useful programs are already installed when you put Ubuntu onto your computer.

However, you may need a particular piece of software that serves a purpose not served by the default applications.

A package manager will store an index of all of the packages available from a software channel.

Sometimes it will 're-build' this index to make sure that it is up to date and knows which packages have been upgraded or added into the channel since it last checked.

A 'package', then, is essentially a collection of files bundled into a single file, which can be handled much more easily.

In addition to the files required for the program to run, there will be special files called for the program into that package.

is a very broad term, and is generally taken to mean a program which you can run on your computer.

However, such programs often need other resources to work.

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You might just want to try an alternative program to one which is already installed. This section covers the basic concepts of packages and package management.

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