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Obviously, your mileage will vary depending on lots of other factors; however, if you’re still using a much older device, it may be best to hold off on updating to the latest i OS version until you get some new hardware.

Before you install any i OS update, you can always click on the link in the description to see what new features are being added and what bugs or security issues are being addressed.

(2) Click Erase All Data on the software and then click on Erase. It’s very rare to try all the above and still come up short.

In our experience, i Phones that have been jailbroken or tampered with in other ways usually have the activation problems.

If your i Phone activation error doesn’t change after this, it’s time to turn your attention somewhere else.

A hard reset is perhaps an i Phone owner’s go-to solution for most i Phone problems; and why not, when it usually fixes most errors. Another problem worth examining is your SIM card/carrier.

The following tips will help you reactivate your account.

If your i Phone and SIM card has been unlocked before, then you can attempt to bring out your SIM from the i Phone and reinserting. Another problem that could be preventing your i Phone from being activated is your WI-FI or network. Try connecting to another Wi-Fi to see if the problem is peculiar to the former WI-FI/network.

To reactivate your i Phone via i Tunes, do the following: What method can you use that gives you complete control over your i Phone?

If you can’t activate your device after update, please know you’re not alone. Activation issues are one of the many issues plaguing some users who have upgraded their devices to the new i OS 13.

From the statistics we have, it seems this issue is affecting older models of the i Phones – i Phone 5S or earlier.

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