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Stock Mode: By selecting stock mode, the ECU calibration is reset to the factory calibration.

The engine will run as it did before purchasing APR software.

The increase in power directly translates to an exceptionally quicker and more enjoyable vehicle.

Acceleration Enhancements: Beyond horsepower and torque enhancements, APR’s Calibration Engineers were able to increase the acceleration rate of the vehicle through other calibrations changes.

Program Switching: Program switching allows the user to cycle through up to four different engine calibrations and operating modes all without the need for external hardware.With built in compensational data for environmental variables and varying load conditions, the factory ECU is far more complex and intelligent than units found in other vehicle makes and marques.APR's Calibration Engineers spent months calibrating the engine management system, including many hours of chassis dyno development.- Reported wheel figures measured on APR Australia's in house Dynapack Dynamometer with an Amarok RWD with 6 speed manual transmission, using SAEJ1349 correction and an average of multiple runs.Crank figures estimated based on the measured wheel figures.

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