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Instead, focus on simply being clean and if you wear anything — bay rum aftershave or a cologne — wear it very conservatively.

Think if you were close to your date in a closed room — she should at most be able to smell you.

Stay away from clothes that make it seem like you didn’t put any effort into dressing — plain blue jeans or work clothes look bad, as do sweatpants or athletic pants (unless it’s a jogging date).

Dark-wash jeans in black or deep indigo strike a nice balance and can be paired with anything from a short-sleeved collared shirt to a dress shirt and sports jacket.

You can always slip the tie off when you go for drinks afterwards if it seems a little too stuffy.

No matter how informal the date is, pay attention to your shoes — Whether you are wearing canvas sneakers for your walking tour around San Francisco or dress loafers for your dinner at Truluck’s in Austin — you can bet she’ll look to see what you’re wearing.

Ensure your footwear is clean, functional, and stylish.The key is you have to have the time to do it — expect to wade through a lot of junk before finding that one piece of clothing that makes the time spent worth it.Also, because most men shopping at thrift stores don’t have much need for dress clothing, it’s easy to pick up a good suit coat or two for casual jackets.Get your hair trimmed the week before your date and use the same barber you always do.For more on how to take care of your hair, visit these classic AOM articles: How to Ask for the Perfect Haircut, Your Grandfather’s Hair Products, and Hairstyles for Balding Men Cologne — Despite what the human pheromone peddlers in the back of men’s magazines may say, there is no magic cologne or scent out there that is going to have angels falling from the sky.

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