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Seventy years as a British protectorate (until 1970) resulted in widespread knowledge of English.Though much of the village population knows little English, in Nuku'alofa and other major towns, most business transactions are conducted in it.The 1875 constitution recognizes only his royal line.In 1900, the British granted Tonga's request for protectorate status.A spirit of independence and pride was nurtured during the long reign of Queen Salote (1918–1965), who led the nation into the twentieth century, paying special attention to preserving its heritage.Because of her vision, Tongan culture is an integral part of the school curriculum.

Internal migration has been from the outer, northern, and central islands toward the southern island of Tongatapu.Tonga is an archipelago of one hundred fifty islands, thirty-six of which are inhabited.There are four major groups of islands: the Tongatapu, Ha'apai, Vava'u, and Niua groups.George Tupou I transformed Tonga into a modern state, abolishing slavery and the absolute power of chiefs.Since the last Tu'i Tonga had no official heir, as the head of the other two royal lines, King George became the only king of Tonga.

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In 1970, all powers were restored to the Tongan monarchy.

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