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She’s spent hours with clients, going over their likes and dislikes, and helping them to assess why a first encounter with one of their matches may not have been the ideal they were seeking.

“My background was in social work,” she said, referring to why the job has been a natural fit for her.“We basically get to act as a therapist for our clients. Love takes time, and an initial one-hour meeting isn’t an adequate replacement for the thrill of getting to know someone — their quirks, their insecurities, their sense of humor.

Each person who creates a profile first gets an appointment with one of the service’s matchmakers.

They meet in person and spend an hour together going over every conceivable aspect of their lives and all the factors that may impact a relationship — physical preferences, relationship histories, career aspirations, personality traits — before Three Day Rule will start actively including them in matchmaking.

Love is as much a full-time job as it is a cosmic force: if you are not willing to put in the hours to get to know someone, to be selfless, to find beauty in their flaws, then you will fail.

People’s willingness to do those things is not the responsibility of a matchmaker.

One in four single people under the age of 35 use dating apps, with the most popular being Tinder by a considerable margin.

But the first date is also an opportunity to see if premium matchmaker services are a fit for the person being interviewed.If you find your lifelong partner, you’ve doubled your income, and you’ve got to spend money to get there.Each date is a roll of the roulette wheel and you spread your chips accordingly.Brittney’s job on the first “date” is to assess an applicant’s fit for their premium services.Does this person have the right mindset for an active matchmaking partnership and, more importantly, the means to pay for it? Regular packages start at ,000 for three months or ,000 for six months.

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Each failure is immediate and inspires angst — these apps are designed like games, and one that a lot of people aren’t winning — furthering a sense of loneliness and dread.

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