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So how are you supposed to distinguish yourself in the pile of thousands of men and women who are all ready to be judged in an instant? I’ve been trying many different dating apps for years, and I can tell you that the bar is set very low.

Verity revealed, “The more photos you include, the more messages you’re likely to receive.The longer your bio is, the more reasons someone has to omit you.Your bio should be short and sweet, two sentences or four facts describing you at most.There’s now also fantastic apps, like Lumen, that cater specifically for over 5os dating. So how can we make sure that we stand out – and more importantly, give ourselves the best chance at finding love?According to experts, there are all sorts of things you can do – and should maybe avoid – that can give you a better chance in the world of online dating, from mentioning your favourite film to not wearing a pair of glasses…

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Have you often wondered how to write a dating profile?

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