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Swedish women are afraid to show their emotions, especially emotional distress, to those around them. But this is not snobbery, not the remnants of aristocracy - this is the way to behave.

For a foreigner - the worst torture to be in the Swedish living room among people who do not say anything interesting, to be stunned by the ensuing silence, to know that something should be said, but be afraid to speak in the wrong way.

If Swedish women start talking, it’s hard to stop them, but it’s almost impossible to talk.

But here's a paradox: the Swedish bride, “buttoning her soul on all buttons,” in a conversation with a Swede, tells the foreigner much more frankly about herself.

They are somewhat duller than other European women and more closed, because of this, Swedish brides are considered non-contact and non-communicative.

Perhaps the climate of Sweden itself influences the isolation of people, contributes to the development of various psychoses.

Kitchen - one of the most important places at home. One wall of the kitchen is usually turned into a solid cupboard, where all the kitchen facilities are combined.

In Sweden, millions of people are engaged in sports since childhood and until old age - swimming, tennis, hockey and, of course, gymnastics, which in Sweden half a century ago acquired a modern look.

It must be of high quality so that you can look at it. In addition to the title picture of your profile, you also need to fill in as many lines and items as possible.

In the “Purpose of Dating” column, indicate that you are looking for a wife or woman for a serious relationship, and not for casual encounters.

Just because visiting is not accepted - each by itself.

Kind smile at the meeting - the best and sufficient form of communication. For example, clients in hairdressing salons are served at strictly designated hours.

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