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If your boyfriend starts lashing out on you for no apparent reason, don’t be fooled.It might not be work related issues like he tells you it is all the time. On the opposite side of the coin, if he comes home very happy, it could be that he is overcompensating for feelings of sadness that he feels when he’s with you.His new hobby could really be a new love interest—or at the very least, he could be on the hunt for someone.Regardless, he could be hiding something from you; otherwise, why is he being so secretive with this new hobby?

This is especially true if this new hobby excludes you or keeps him out of the house for long periods of time.

If you notice that he’s taking a lot of showers, and he’s never done it before, then you have every right to wonder why he’s suddenly showering so much.

This is another giveaway sign that your boyfriend is already cheating or wants to cheat.

If you’re partner is going to cheat, he’ll most likely display warning signs before the cheating takes place.

In order to avoid being on the receiving end of a cheating partner, you better know what those clues are so you’re not blindsided.

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