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The Cats went on to defeat Los Alamitos Naval Air Station (73-62) and Grihalva Buick (63-55), both of California, for titles in 19, respectively.

"They called it the old World War II Quonset hut," said Boozer, who currently lives in Kansas City and had his Kansas State jersey retired at halftime of a game on Feb. "But it was fun to play on because it had a lot of bounce to it. "I made friends with (Bradley players) Bobby Joe Mason and Joe Billy Mc Dade, and I enjoyed watching a lot of their games there.

According to Mc Cabe, who still resides in Peoria, reserved seats went for 40 cents, prime bleacher seats 20 cents and "the rest the company gave away." "They gave away thousands of seats, and we hoped no one would come," joked Born, who has also stuck around Peoria all these years.

"We heard they had to turn away some people who wanted to watch us.

After playing the 1948-49 season, Womble expressed a desire to Caterpillar executives to move back to Oklahoma to pursue a coaching career.

That's when Cat plant manager Jim Monroe made easily the best move in Peoria's AAU program.

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Peoria defeated the Akron Goodyear-Wingfoots 115-99 in the 1960 final.

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