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Simie obser\'ers believe there is a Doiiiinicnn desire to annexe Haiti, with whicli it shares Santo Domingo Island. LONDON.— The Duke and Duchess of Kent left London yesterday by plane on a visit to Aithens where they are to be present at the wedding of Prince Paul and Princess Frederica. Lloyd George, Britain's War-time Premier, visited the Duke and Duchess of Windsor yesterday at the Villa Louveie where they are guests of Mr. It was pleaded that the jewellery repre- sented Christmas presents to each other. Ministers \Mrc surprised by the (jrowiii B slri'ii Klli i his will." At Age of 7 V,( In Ihn,,' v\lio bad studied his can'i'i iliiti I'.-iiil'l I lii \'f Ixicn no surprise. lie walked to a window at Buckingham Palace and said. but I don't want any of that red carpet." One of King George VV^ great qualities ,.-, his willingness to listen to advice, and he ha-s the gift of Ijeing able to choose tlie best adviseivi. They have also 4 ribs, one more than any other British sheep. ; and they confidently looked forward to seeing within the next decade spans of 5,000 ft. Uthers bhime tlie efforts of Haitian squatters and pillarrers to ta Ke ODomini- can property, and still others believe President Trujilio desires to create a foreign crisis to divert the public mind from rovohitionary phins. — The debate on foreign ffairs which will take place in tlie Com- ')i nn Tuesday w JU bi' raised on a f.'.[ . a=s passengers the Travel Bureau Director will be in attendance at llie Purser's Office in these classes for the purpose of dealing with travel enciuirie^. SARAGOSSA.— According to the "Daily Telegraph " correspondent, the Insur- gent's are fighting their way into soiilh- west Teruel and are slowly encircling the town, while a vigorous Government counter-attack was frustrated. lie is equally at home with in-'ii of varying shades of opinion. Once a year, at the beginning of the ■inter, the sheep arc rounded up at a chosen spot among the fells, to be claimed by their owners, and at this meet is served the Herdwick tatie pot. Herdwick mutton is the sweetest of all, and the neck and loin chops are roasted with potatoes in huge tins, black pudding being added Steaming hot, the tins are carried lu llinsr «im attend the meet. many .tlv li'll farms are let Willi a llixk nf sheep attached, and it is this practice that has given the name * Herdwick " an old Norse word lor a where sheep anil lands were let together. to 6,000 ft., and in their life- time spans up to 10.000 ft.

NEW MOMENTUM Herr von Papen, German Ambassador in Vienna ; Dr.

Visitors are shown the cottage where he lived and his grave in the little cemetery, and many a story is told of his exploits.

Mis runaway marriage with an eighteen -years' old village belle was an outstanding e\eiit in his life. and he and the bride- to-be slipped .leiiiss the Border at night to {'.fetna (.ic'ii, and III the luorniiig tliey weiv ^^.■.l stones r.

-: NNA -The biggest suspension bridge on the Continent, and tlurd biggest in the world, has been ojwncd bv the Austrian President. ESTIMATED COST £1,000,000,000 A ciimplctc programme of new trunk motor roads connecting all the principal towns in Great Britain would probably cost anything up to /

' Stretching across the Danube m Vienna, the bridge has a total length of 1,100 yards. and involved 12,000 tons of steel, and 300,000 lbs. \n attempt to solve the traffic problems of London in the way that New York was dealing with them, on the lines of the regional plan of 1929 with its 40-year programme, involving some 1,700 miles of parkways, boulc\ards, etc., would cost even more — if it woie possible at all.

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