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The models spent an excessive amount of time trying to figure out where the camera was and how to play to it once they found it.In a previously recorded video, I even saw a large, male crew member step on set to adjust a piece of equipment. Live 360-degree video requires a fair amount of bandwidth and battery power on the part of the viewer.Having checked the company's site for compatible devices, I was there, Samsung Gear VR in hand, ready to go.I'd been able to play the video on my desktop, but, due to Oculus' closed-garden approach to content and Camsoda's use of You Tube's open source 360-degree player, it would have taken me nearly the entire hour to get it up and running.If you're watching in VR, it also requires specialized hardware and a heavy dose of patience. With a VR headset strapped to your face, how does one ask a performer to finger her co-star, pucker her butthole or reach for the rubber fist?Even for the most adept touch-typist, single-handed key pecking is a time-consuming undertaking.Two weeks and a handful of emails back and forth with the Camsoda crew later, I was ready for a second try.Instead of hacking my way into this immersive, interactive sex scene, I went the path of least resistance and grabbed a generic Google Cardboard from the office. I loaded the link on the site's VR page, pressed the Cardboard icon and slotted my phone into the headset.

When the tech and consumer interest finally catch up, early adopters like Camsoda will be there, ready to cash in, and I have no doubt that they will.

A woman with an enormous, warped vagina stands over you, attempting to situate a pair of naked coeds just so on an overstuffed sectional.

Their faces distort and sporadically disappear as they pleasure each other and themselves.

But who cares about paint swatches and track lighting when you have a room full of hot, naked women, ready to do anything you say, right? Yes, Camsoda brought together some of its best performers for the shoot.

They even seemed to keep a handful of onlookers engaged for a majority of the performance.

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