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Because sex leads to having babies, you really only want to have a baby with someone you love enough to marry. I try to work on it and advance it a bit more as the kids get older.

We probably “officially” have “the talk” again each year. By age 12 I want to be sure they understand that people have many different feelings, and start to focus more on other sex acts that people might think are OK — including oral and anal sex, but also be honest with the disease and other problems that can cause, especially health-wise (this is where being a nurse comes in handy).

🙂I love this video our church put out: One of my most favorite quotes about sex comes from a nurse I work with:.

Be clear that you aren’t going to judge them or laugh at them.

With a little preparation, as well as starting young it won’t be as hard as you imagine.

Her character is a gynoid in a 22nd century sci-fi setting.

That is when the man puts his penis in the woman's vagina (we have already had the 3 hole talk, so my daughter is aware her vagina is the hole in the middle).

He squirts in some sperm to her vagina, which is like a tunnel to her uterus.

That it is a private thing, that might make some people uncomfortable. Here is basically how it goes: When people love each other a lot they will have something called sex.Often, if they are — I’d ask them where they are hearing it from if it’s just a genuine question — answer as briefly as possible, while still answering the question**I also am VERY clear that the areas of your body that are covered by a swimsuit are off limits for other people. And, if someone is (that isn’t your doctor when mom is in the room with you), you need to talk to a trusted adult about it. It is very important to me that their original sex talk comes from either myself or my husband, and NOT on the playground.Note: Be VERY sure to use the actual names of areas of their body when you reference them in this way. I want them to know that we are open and honest about it — and that we are a fount of information on the subject!I do also allow my kids to go to every “maturation” talk by the school.I hope that if I talk abstinence at home, and they learn about condoms in school we at least won’t end up with herpes or a pregnancy (I also review the school’s talk so that we can have a brief talk together before they learn at school).

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You are fair game to talk about whatever they need to know.

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