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A Code of Student Conduct violation is not required in order to provide certain accommodations for the complainant reporting the concern.

Possible remedies include but are not limited to the following: "no contact orders," changes to academic or living situations as appropriate, counseling services, escort services, medical services, academic support services, and notification of the right to file a complaint with local law enforcement.

*You give directions based on landmarks that no longer exist or street names that have changed, but your directions never confuse any of the other Louisvillians.

*You have never been to the Derby, but wouldn't miss the Oaks. *You think the only thing Southern Indiana is good for is buying pumpkins.

Introduction The University of Louisville prohibits all forms of sex discrimination and sexual misconduct.

This policy outlines student expectations, reporting options, and resources for all students, employees, University visitors, or third parties within the University community, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

SEXUALLY ABUSIVE CONTACTAs outlined in the Code of Student Conduct under Section 10, the term "sexually abusive contact" means sexual intercourse; anal intercourse; oral intercourse; touching of the genitals, breast, buttocks, or inner thighs; sodomy, or any other physical conduct or touching of a sexual nature without consent and/or by force.

Examples include, but are not limited to: Intentional contact with the breasts, buttocks, groin, or genitals, mouth or other orifice; or touching another with any of these body parts; or making another touch you or themselves with any one of these body parts.

When an allegation of misconduct is brought to the attention of a University official and the accused student is found to have violated the Code of Student Conduct, sanctions will be issued.*When people ask what school you went to, they don't mean Vanderbilt, Yale, or Harvard; they mean Ballard, Male, Manual, Trinity, St. *Your last ten vacations were in Panama City or Destin.*You make an emergency run to Kroger for bread and milk at the first sighting of a snowflake.*When introduced to another life-long Louisvillian, you spend the first part of the conversation finding out how you are connected.It's never as many as six degrees of separation - usually two or three will do it.

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