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The accounts must contain particulars of: • The amount collected in the collection • Any other amount attributable to the collection • All expenses incurred in connection with the collection • The name of the funds or organisations that have benefited from the collection and the amount that has been paid to each from the net proceeds.

Digital television services are broadcast on a multiplexes (or Mux) where many stations occupy a single broadcast frequency, as shown below. Before the latest channel movement and reset I had 108 channels, now only 104. We are already missing many channels that others have. Patrick Stevens: Hello Pat, the ones you have "lost" are probably those Sony channels that Sony have (re)moved to Local Multiplexes (you may not have noticed you weren't getting them unless you'd done a retune since 27th June but before the recent changes..' I would like to see all of the account submissions and permits pertaining to Selkirk Common Ridings Trust that the council hold in accordance to the legislation mentioned in the statement under HM Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act of 2002 I also request under the act any and all complaints pertaining to this trust and information that would show the refered to permits were granted to the trust after the said trust was found to have complied with the equality ethics of HM Equality Act 2010.As it is Apparent to myself and a multitude of others that the said trust has never once produced a disabled, transgender, none-Caucasian or female standard bearer and has been subject to public boycott/protest by a great number of female residents in the past for its unequal terms of service towards them.Dear Scottish Borders Council, I quote OSCR on Selkirk Common Riding Trust: ' If Selkirk Common Ridings Trust is raising funds from the public by means of street or house to house collections it will be required to hold a permit from the relevant licensing authority - in this case Borders Council - under the Public Charitable Collections (Scotland) Regulations 1984, made under s119 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.Regulation 11 of the 1984 Regulations requires the organiser of a collection to submit to the local authority, within one month of the last date for which the permit applies, accounts relating to the collection.

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