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If you were to say your actual home town, you’d lose everyone’s interest. Because of this, your car probably had t-shirts and jackets piling up in the back seat for your convenience. If you do ask for ketchup, you will not only be made fun of, but would be insulting the entire population of Illinois.If you order a pizza when in any other state, it will literally taste like cardboard. There isn’t much to do around summer time in Illinois, until August, when Lolla comes around.

Even bitter White Sox fans couldn’t help but celebrate. ” is a common question you’re asked when out of town. Most people’s pet peeves are nails on a chalkboard, or when people chew with their mouths open, but for anyone who lives or has lived in Illinois, yours is when people pronounce the ‘s’ in Illinois.Whenever you go on vacation and someone asks you where you’re from, you say Chicago.This is your answer even if you live in the suburbs 45 minutes away from the city.Many middle schools take field trips to Chicago, stopping at the bean.It’s something you have to do at least once in your life.

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