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In a study performed by De Ann Allison (2012), she found that chatterbots “can tap into siloed resources, retrieve information and repackage in much the same way as a discovery tool, but with the ability to seem more human than a search engine” (p. In another study, Jia and Chen (2008) created a chatterbot to assist English Language Learners outside of the traditional classroom.They were able to create chatterbots based upon the personality traits that the participant desired.

Chatterbots can easily answer direct questions, but can have difficulty progressing through a multi-input linear conversation.

Chatterbots have been shown to “enforce the learner’s spontaneous listening and understanding” (Jia and Chen, 2008, p. Diagnostic Testing Chatterbots can also be used to perform diagnostic testing on students.

Diagnostic testing is an important tool both for general education teachers and special education teachers.

Limitations of Chatterbots Access, Hardware, and Bandwidth A common limitation in all technological advances applied to education, such as chatterbot software, is a lack of the physical hardware necessary to run such a program. Though basic computers can be found in most schools across the United States, there is a degree of sophistication such as a fast processor, memory needs, compatible microphones, and speakers/headphones.

As with other new software applications, there needs to be an advanced network with higher bandwidth rates and significant server space to accomodate the information gathering needs of such chatterbots (Sha, 2009). Speech Recognition, and Question Formation The English language has a multitude of dialects which can hinder the chatterbot.

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