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Travis Kalanick, Uber’s chief, said the company would investigate an employee’s claims of sexual harassment.An engineer said that the human resources department ignored those claims even after she had reported them.In a healthy organization, such a problem would have been resolved quickly.

Amid chaotic internal politics, Fowler attempted to transfer to a different department, but the company blocked her request.

Work continued, and while Fowler had settled into the new role she regularly had conversations with female employees who shared similar stories about HR negligence, even citing unacceptable experiences with the same superior who solicited her.

Along with a number of her colleagues, Fowler met once again with HR to make the point that the experiences of harassment were epidemic.

The Uber driver instead pleaded guilty in Brisbane Magistrates Court to causing a public nuisance.

Since being charged, Subi Gammeda hasn’t worked as an Uber driver and was unemployed for six months before finding a job as a labourer at a chicken farm.

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