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There are plenty of other sites for that - you're looking for a long-lasting relationship with someone who truly gets you.Your time is far too valuable to be filtering through countless profiles of singles who have little in common with you.Loser b1tch went to cops because she was harassing ME haha Stupid rat that ratted on herself lol Makes sense doesn’t it ?Anyway world – watch out for stretch mark Samantha Mayturd She’s on the prowl for a new daddy to her 4 kids because two daddies money isn’t enough .She enjoys posting successful women and cops from behind her broken laptop where she lives in the ghetto of Sarnia. She is so hurt and bitter over her ex-cop husband that she keeps posting untrue things about him and his family.Deb had her kid taken away after people saw the living conditions of her sh1tty apartment. She just spreads hate through her broken laptop because she’s miserable and hates herself.THE DIRTY ARMY: Samantha Maynard of Wallaceburg is a dirty side pig that likes to TRY and break up marriages . For real girl -you been married twice – you’d think one of your ex husbands would have wanted to fix that jagged ass tooth protruding from your face.She actively pursues married men and doesn’t care that they’re married . If you ever lose your temp job at CF you could always chisel ice sculptures with your tooth or become a professional can opener .

It’s disgusting Sam the skid involved that young thing in adult shadiness . Her kids will most likely grow into adult sized losers like their skid mark mom Sam .We all know it is her posting because the grammar is just like all of her Facebook posts about her ex Scott, her comments on local news pages, and her messages to exes of her ex. He thinks he’s something special but he’s practically illiterate.She has no education and can’t put a simple paragraph together so she posts derogatory and defamatory statements about women and men who are more intelligent and successful than her. he love tj, he is hot, and his shirt never stays on at parties.. Look up poser in the dictionary and you’ll find his face.Even more pathetic , skid mark Sam gave out her house key to a man she didn’t really know . She’s been married twice and couldn’t keep either man . She hides behind fake names on Facebook and pretends to be her own friend on fb messenger which is really weird .Smart decision when you have a 9 year old daughter . Samantha the stretch mark wasn’t woman enough to show up at my door herself . You’re already using a fake name honey so why did you talk to me like you’re your own friend ? She got ahold of me under the pseudonym Nicole Elizabeth on messenger .

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