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Although there is not a clear distinction between these two terms, personality seems to be the general term that encompasses all of the other concepts.

They can also become a useful tool for relationship compatibility.

Last but not least, there is the concept of character. There is not a specific or definite way to measure personality in a nutshell, the main reason being the many theories and dichotomies found in personality psychology.

While personality might be easier to infer after having met someone new because personality traits are more visible, it might take longer to observe and recognize the character of an individual because it is based on values and beliefs, and it might even show only in certain circumstances (for example, jealousy, patience or greed). However, truth be told—many of the studies and theories share some similarities and common concepts.

All of those attractions connect somehow to the human personality as a whole.

Maybe you have found yourself disappointed in past relationships because of compatibility issues or communication challenges with your partner.

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