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People enjoy the wholesome content available and are surprised as to how extensive the available content is for the platform.

Reviews on other platforms such as Amazon are saying that most people do enjoy Pure Flix, giving it an average of 4.5 stars online.

Pure Flix makes it easier for parents to choose videos for children because the website categorizes the videos by age brackets such as one to four (1 to 4), five to seven (5 to 7), eight to twelve (8 to 12) and for teens.

The majority of the reviews and opinions on Pure Flix are all positive.

Have a wonderful time with your loved ones learning more about the world with educational videos on Pure Flix.

You will find everything - from animals, biographies, documentaries, geography, health, history, government, language, science and nature.

The company was started as an alternative for those unhappy with the content of other subscription-based video-streaming platforms.

The profits made by Pure Flix are distributed among the several charitable foundations they support, such as Adopt Together, which helps narrow the gap between families wanting to adopt and children in need of families.

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