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I remembered Oh Happy Day’s big fringe garlands and had always wanted to use that idea in a party.

They kind of reminded me of large kelp but I wanted to maintain a blue scheme that mimicked more of an ocean.

I promised myself in the beginning that I wouldn’t redraw these characters but I couldn’t find large enough images to print out so I did end up redrawing them and printing out the characters that floated above. DIY jellyfish has to be one of the most satisfying DIY projects ever.

They are incredibly easy to make and very affordable.

It may seem like a lot but with some careful planning, it’s actually not too bad and much more economical for a large party. Cooked them with some spaghetti sauce and frozen meatballs from Costco.

– Garden salad consisting of romaine lettuce from Costco and peeled carrots – Minestrone soup made from home with fresh veggies and ground turkey – Meatball subs (more for the adults). Topped it off with some mozzarella and stuck it in the oven. – Cheese pizza and baked chicken nuggets from Costco (Costco was my food hero for this party) – Fruit bowl made by my mother- in- law. – Veggie straws – A whole mess of chocolate chip cookies.

I found a desktop wallpaper and did some photoshoshopping to the image and added more waves so the background felt continuous and had my local print shop print them out for me.

The Decor I wanted to give a feel of The Octonauts and the ocean feel without blatantly doing that.

We then mounted about 4 of these small 3M wire hooks to the wall.Each kid received a little Peso Medical Kit favor box mostly for collecting goodies from the breaking of the piñata.This idea is a pretty standard Octonauts party favor idea but it’s such a great and easy idea, why reinvent the wheel? If you have ever made Tissue Poms Tutorial, it’s the same technique except you cut a long triangular pattern and to make them sit, you just only pull out half of the tissue. Food & Cake For the food, it wasn’t very Octonauts themed.This year, we decided to invite all of his classmates in addition to our regular group of friends and family so we rented a park building which is a great alternative if you need a larger space during the winter birthdays.Unfortunately, “The Octonauts” aren’t popular enough to have too many party supplies readily available.

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