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Use of the term Pickering is most commonly found in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.On the evening of the thirty-ninth annual Grammy Awards that was broadcast on national television on February 27, 1997, Colin Dunn and Savion Glover faced off in the fiercest tap dance challenge of their lives.Its absorption of Latin American and Afro- Caribbean rhythms in the forties has furthered its rhythmic complexity.In the eighties and nineties, tap's absorption of hip-hop rhythms has attracted a fierce and multi-ethnic new breed of male and female dancers who continue to challenge and evolve the dance form, making tap the most cutting-edge dance expression in America today.In the absence of traditional drums, slaves danced to the music of upturned buckets and tubs.The rattle and restriction of chains may have been the first subtle changes in African dance as it evolved toward becoming an African-American style of dance.Dunn's crisp heel-clicks were taken up by Glover with heel-and-toe clicks, which were turned by Dunn into airy flutters, which Glover then repeated from a crouched position.

Yet both of these dance forms trace their origins and evolution to a percussive dance tradition that developed in America several hundred years ago.

The Irish jig (a musical and dance form) and West African (sacred and secular stepping dances) mutated into the American jig and juba.

These in turn became juxtaposed and fused into a form of dancing called "jigging" which, in the 1800s, was taken up by white and black minstrel-show dancers who developed tap into a popular nineteenth-century stage entertainment.

To excessively like, comment, and/or post on a Facebook wall in order to create several Facebook notifications resulting in a single person's notifications filling an individual's notification list.

Excessive Pickering often results in Facebook placing limitations on a person's Facebook account to limit annoying other users.

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