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Data on single women pastors is virtually non-existent.

But how can we hope to care for single pastors if our stories aren’t being told or represented in the church’s narrative?

Until you’ve done that, don’t ask them potentially hurtful questions about their singleness or offer advice for how they should approach dating.

Gestures like this give me hope that the church will begin to offer meaningful hospitality to single clergy.Sure, I want to be married, but I am not waiting around for marriage to start my life.As my faith community, can you help me hold this tension? Are single pastors supposed to stay single forever and never date?I do not mind if you pray for my husband, but you could also ask if I want to be introduced to the single, Jesus-loving guys you know.I encourage Christians not to say things like “it’ll happen when it happens” to single folks in the church.

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I didn’t leave that question blank, because I still want to show up to be vetted and affirmed and sent out by my church community.

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