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Asking questions like this makes it bigger than it is, and ultimately, if you see it as a huge obstacle, so will most girls.Don't let it rule your life and show people who you really are. Common symptoms include delusions, such as paranoia; hearing voices or noises that are not there; disorganized thinking; a lack of emotion and a lack of motivation.If schizophrenia is handled in the correct way, then people with it actually lead fairly normal lifes.Fair enough you don't want to date someone with schizophrenia but your type of comment only reinforces this widespread stigma that is attached to mental health issues. The disease in question has highly unpredictable symptoms I wouldn't want to expose myself to by being around someone who could turn at the flip of a coin, excuse the cliché.It’s important to understand that talking about something difficult like experiences of schizophrenia can be very hard for your loved one—and the symptoms of schizophrenia can also make conversations difficult.

He was fine while taking medication so it wasn't really an issue.She;s stuck by me through everything; self-harm, suicidal feelings, being in hospital, multiple relapses and she is still there for me.A lot of the time I feel bad for subjecting her to these things but despite many chances to leave me she hasn't.He had a good job as a programmer so he was a perfectly reasonable member of society.It didn't last long enough for us to become a proper item as we 'split up' for other reasons, he was interesting though and I did like him.

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