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A pair may have repeated observations, which just yield an additional term in Eq. If the pair set induces a connected graph, then the minimizer of Eq. Although it is usually natural to require the observed dissimilarity information to satisfy , the general formulation above does not require these properties to hold.The observed dissimilarity information may be incomplete (with the restriction noted); it may not satisfy the triangle inequality; or it may be noisy.The resulting set of coordinates is highly appropriate for visualization and as input to classification and clustering algorithms.The framework is formulated in terms of a class of optimization problems that can be solved efficiently by using modern convex cone programming software.A kernel defines a distance metric between pairs of objects in the domain that admits an inner product.Thus, they play a key role in the implementation of classification algorithms [by means of support vector machines (SVMs)] and clustering (via -means algorithms, for example), along with their more classical role in function approximation and estimation and the solution of ill-posed inverse problems (4).

That is, we wish to find a new “pseudo-optimal” kernel sufficiently large that the solution of Eq.

We develop and apply a previously undescribed framework that is designed to extract information in the form of a positive definite kernel matrix from possibly crude, noisy, incomplete, inconsistent dissimilarity information between pairs of objects, obtainable in a variety of contexts.

Any positive definite kernel defines a consistent set of distances, and the fitted kernel provides a set of coordinates in Euclidean space that attempts to respect the information available while controlling for complexity of the kernel.

Since the mid-1990s, when the key role of these kernels became evident in SVMs (5–8), a massive body of literature has grown related to the use and choice of kernels in many domains of application, including, notably, computational biology (9).

A Google search as of the date of this writing gave 3 million results on the phrase “Kernel Methods,” along with an ad from Google soliciting job applications from computer scientists.

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Furthermore, apparent subclusterings and outliers of the known globin subfamilies from the 3D plot reveal interesting observations consistent with the literature.

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