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I absolutely have reservations if he is only separated (which might not even be true, yet). But the legal crap you have to sift through is an emotional burden.Much of the time there will still be issues to hash out (even if the person states that things are amicable, drama-free, etc.). I feel like it’s almost an imbalance of power if someone divorced and done dates someone mired in separation. You’re at least a little more vulnerable emotionally if separated.I don’t really want to be someone’s transition woman, and I definitely don’t want hurt someone.I prefer someone who’s had an opportunity to get his footing and re-equilibrate.As long as they have separate living situations and the two of them are civil towards each other, then it doesn't matter if they are still legally married. I dated someone for just under a year and a half that was only 5 mos separated when we met. So he was only 5 mos removed when we had first contact. Later on she would admit that she was trying to reconcile w her Hubby all along.She had initially filed for divorce 2 years before that. Ive heard from many sources including my own therapist that dating such people is usually not a good idea. Almost all do but in practice only a small percentage really are. Most people and even experts say you want to wait at least a year post separation. A year later she admits me she was no way in shape or form ready for dating.

I have dated men that were never married, I have dated men who were divorced and I have dated men that were separated with the intention of getting a divorce. She was only 3 mos out of separation when we first met.It took her two years from the time i met her to the time she finally signed.I also talked to another woman for a while who at the time was clearly not ready. We remained chat friends for a while and yep despite all the stuff she told me about her X she wound up getting back with him about a year later.Sometimes the time separated is longer than the time they spent together.If they are not in a relationship I have no issues with them dating.

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