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Using what you can glean from their profile to create a more compelling message is a no-brainer when it comes to messaging others on apps. Nonetheless, the similarities between these two very different worlds are plentiful.

We’ve all gotten those emails that start like this: “Mr. I understand that unsolicited email may be a nuisance.

I’ve been critiquing a lot of guys’ online dating email conversations lately, and I’m noticing a clear pattern. See how he’s depending completely on to carry the conversation forward? Women don’t need to carry the conversation forward.

This is snippet of an actual exchange between guy and girl on a dating site. HER: I was down there last month and they were great. Women don’t need to put in that kind of work to get laid. If you’re going to actually expect a woman to take that kind of initiative for you like that, she’ll pass, and move on to guy like me who makes it for her to spread her legs.

Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship can attest that showing too much interest too early is a surefire way to turn someone away.

It’s hard to know what someone’s thinking, especially when they don’t respond to all of your messages.

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The same holds true when swapping messages with someone your age on your phone. There are plenty of studies out there on the best time to send an email. Another trick I learned from our Marketing department here at Discover Org is to make sure your emails don’t go out on holidays. The same holds true when messaging that special someone. You’re supposed to be busy doing interesting things with your hundreds of amazing friends.

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