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His net worth is estimated at .2 billion (€1.62 billion)."I might have to answer this in a minute," he says, pointing to the Black Berry next to him on the sofa.He begins almost every conversation with the same words.

The bottom buttons of his jacket sleeves are open, and so are his shirt cuffs.

"So we'll just stay here." His mission sounds so audacious that it's hard not to smile while listening to him talk about it: The 49-year-old wants to save Western democracy.

He says he wants to help the world, and that he has an idea of how it could work.

Geboren 1975, ist politischer Autor und Koordinator für Meinungsfragen beim SPIEGEL.

Er lebt in Berlin, in seiner Freizeit schreibt er Romane.

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The collar of his shirt is frayed, almost as if a mouse had nibbled on it.

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