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At the rebel base, Spartacus and Agron are making plans for their next location of attack. While Spartacus like how they are in striking distance of Pompeii, Agron also points out nearby Neapolis.Agron explains that it is known for its slave ships, and that many of them carry trained soldiers that already hate Rome and are headed for the arena Spartacus agrees and says that he will inform Crixus.Despite the pain, they are unable to get him to even make a noise.

While she is explaining this, Glaber walks into the center of the villa to find Ilithyia with her father and Publius Varinius.

Crixus tells Spartacus that he blames himself for Naevia's death; that if he didn't fall in love with her, she would still be alive.

Spartacus tells him that you don't choose who you love, and that he doesn't want any more people to die without love, alone and enslaved.

Nasir goes on to state that he wants to talk to Crixus, but Agron stops him.

Agron tells him that if Crixus knew the truth, people would die in a pointless battle.

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