Mpd database not updating

(so it looks like it exits) It might complain that the db_file cannot be found, you can safely ignore this. As you can see in the below screenshot I do not see any music.This is because I have no music in my music directory. If you encountered errors using this guide, you can get help via several channels, as described in getting help.

This also works over WIFI, but, if you need to set up WIFI, I think that you will be better off using a screen, keyboard and mouse, at least temporarily until the network link works.In order to interact with mpd, a client program is needed.Most commonly used client Applications being: Above mentioned applications are console based.This page is more or less dedicated to a headless config, else some things could be done in a simpler way.In any case, I have made a few notes about setting up WIFI, one of which can save you some time (don’t plug the dongle in the Pi, use an extension cable).

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