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I dispel mages and ret paladins, trying to keep them clean, else I just keep an eye out for other important buffs like Unholy Frenzy, Fear Ward, etc.Garwulf: I noticed that you’ve talented both Focus Fire and Killing Streak – two talents that I ignore.What are some basic strategies – as a Beast Master – that you employ when dealing with various classes 1v1? And you either need to outlast them, trade cd’s or burst them down.Shadow Priests, if they Dispersion before you pop your cd’s you win, you can burst him down with everything.Focus Fire allows me to get those Cobra Shots off more easily, and it helps a lot versus classes that slow my casting speed.Also, Focus Fire will most of the time be at 5 stacks, but also grants my pet focus.Garwulf: If another hunter asked you what it takes to be successful in arena, what would you tell them? i.e., team composition, knowledge of your class, talents, gear, communication with teammates, etc…

Why not manually activate it when needed, or when it’s fully buffed at 5 stacks?Garwulf: I have a lot of macros that I use for Pv P and I know that you do as well.Would you mind sharing some of the macros that you find useful as a top arena hunter?I’m not necessarily looking for a complete mapping of all your abilities (however, if you want to share all of your keybindings then that’d be awesome), but how do you have some of the more frequently used and important abilities assigned?I use Serpent sting a lot in arena, however I mostly use Hunter’s Mark to cover traps from being dispelled, or unless I have extra time to apply it.

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