Most intimidating stadiums

Feyenoord obviously like to play on this, which is probably one of the reasons why the ground is so intimidating for opposition players and fans alike.

Nicknamed 'Het Legioen' ('the Legion'), they expect their players to give everything, 110% for 90 minutes, and in return they give them full vocal backing - and that's the real difference with this stadium to many others, its the whole of the stadium that backs the team, not just a popular section behind one of the goals.

The stadium's full name is actually Estadio Alberto J.

This is something that's not lost on the Feyenoord supporters, who genuinely love their stadium, they take a pride in it that's second to none in football.The Neapolitans are a passionate people and this transmits to its football team as well.During the glory days of Maradona and Careca the San Paulo became a true stronghold - a wall of noise, blue flares, banners and fans draping over the enormous upper tier curves. If ever there was a fitting home for Maradona to ply his trade then it was here.Televised games from the ground left viewers stunned - pictures taken hours before the kick-off showed a stadium already packed with delirious fans, jumping up and down in unison, with friendly messages such as "Welcome to Hell".And their was no let up, the atmosphere reaching fever-pitch shortly before kick off, continuing throughout the entire game, a relentless mass of male bodies moving and chanting.

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