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“The Orth book itself is full of gossip and speculation,” the Versace family's latest statement reads.“Orth never received any information from the Versace family, and she has no basis to make claims about the intimate personal life of Gianni Versace or other family members.Luke Russert started his professional career in Journalism in 2008 when he joined ESPN's Pardon Interruption.He was hired by NBC in 2008, after his father’s quick death from a heart attack. Where he covered the youth issue in the presidential campaign. Albans School in Washington and also graduated from Boston College in 2008, subject to Communications and History.

The book has stood the test of time and is widely regarded as the definitive account of Andrew Cunanan's chilling crime spree.Luke Russert was born on 22nd August 1985 in Washington, DC, United States of America. His father, Tim Russert was also a journalist for NBC, and his mother Maureen Orth is a special correspondent for Vanity Fair. Young and talented Luke has also lost a lot of weight currently.He keeps fit but thought about a healthy diet as the main part of weight loss.He is also a member of the Buffalo Fan Alliance Board.So, it seems that he is a good person as a well helpful person.

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