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Ever since I had updates to my Windows 10 on Saturday, January 6, 2018, my Malwarebytes Premium icon is missing in my System Tray.The option in my Malwarebytes program to have the icon to show up in the System Tray is on, so I don't know why this is happening.Please, once again, accept an apology on behalf of our entire company.

Can anyone help me, why this happens and how to solve the problem? Immediately thereafter, users flocked to our support helpdesk and forums to ask us for a fix.I want to offer my sincere apology to our millions of customers and free users.Just opened the lid and it came to life without having to reboot.Ran Secunia PSI and now it says everything is up to date except the old SQL Server (haven't used in years, will now uninstall). Last night Secunia listed a whole bunch of things needing updating, including Windows 10. Just now I opened the lid again, the system woke up immediately, I ran Secunia and it now says everything is up to date (with the above noted, expected exception). Before that, the "Update required" condition persisted through at least half a dozen boot cycles and use of other programs, notably Speccy Pro. This is not a "problem" at all - quite the contrary, my intention in opening the lid was to ask here what to do about the requested updates, and now I don't need to - but it sure does tickle my curiosity bone!

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