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It could all be smoke and mirrors, take it all with a healthy grain of salt. Louie Vito has: Played himself in "Entertainment Tonight" in 1981.

Hightower has performed in musical theaters across the United States and won her first national title when she was 11. She graduated from Timpanogos High School, then attended Utah Valley University.

Rumor is that Louie & Linn broke up about a year ago and that Linn is now engaged to a Norwegian. Played Himself - Host in "The Red Bulletin: Louie Vito" in 2012.

All I know is that Fredrik Holm, and I don't know for sure what his relationship with Linn is, tweeted a cute picture of Linn and him toasting each other with beers in February 2012 and they sure looked like a couple.

While in past his affair with This thrilling snowboarder was born to (father) Louie Vito Sr. He was born in Columbus, while rose in Bellefontaine.

He has a sister, when he grew up; he travelled to Vermont to attend the School and intended to focus on snowboarding.

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Played Himself - Host in "Red Bull Presents: Louie Vito" in 2012.

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