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He kisses her ear and then takes it in his mouth and starts sucking.She moans at the new sensations washing her body, no one has ever kissed her ear.He brings his right hand up her stomach and grabs her left breast in it, squeezing it, feeling the firmness through the light fabric."Mmmmhhh," she cries as his left hand goes down her stomach and under her jeans."You look good in that dress," he said staring at her from behind. He takes his lips close to her ear and lightly blows his hot breath then whispers lightly nibbling her ear, ''You know what I'm gonna do to you?"Its the first time I'm wearing a jeans, normally I wear salwar kameez or a sari," she replies facing away from him. '' She shivers at his touch and hot breath, and tries to move away from him but is unable to move any muscle.

He smiles and she returns his smile with a smile that is fake as she is nervous and doesn't know what to do?Her mind is working overtime trying to fight her morals, her upbringings and making excuses that what she is about to do is not wrong, its just her need which she wants to be fulfilled. She never was a risk taker but now she is gambling her life, her marriage and the promises she made to her family, her kids and her husband, especially her husband. That will take her out of her complicated life and open the door for simple pleasurable moments.Its this need that has brought her to the second floor of a cheap motel in Delhi making her way to door no.204. Her heart is beating faster than it ever has, its beating so loud that she thinks anyone across the hallway could hear it easily. Can she take this step and put everything at risk just for the sake of a little pleasure? "I can do it," she tells herself taking a deep breath.Her body lightly touches his and a shiver runs through her body and she caresses her bare arms with her shivering hands."I wasn't sure you would come." "Me neither," she replies looking around the room.

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