Large and lovely dating site

However, on Large And, big beautiful women (like my friend) can feel free to be themselves.

This helps members on the site know what you’re looking for and can factor into your match suggestions.

From outlining the top tips for creating a dating profile to uncovering common BBW dating site scams, the blog gives online daters the information they need to navigate BBW dating platforms safely and efficiently.

Much of the advice is specifically geared to curvaceous daters and comes from plus-size women who know what it’s like to feel insecure in social situations.

Everyone laughed, and someone snapped a picture of her giggling, cake-smeared face.

“I should make that my profile pic on Tinder,” she joked, but we all knew she wouldn’t.

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“We had well over 300,000 members.” Of course, it’s been difficult for an independent site to compete with big-name giants in the industry, so Large and Lovely recently became an affiliate of the Large network to offer online daters a far-reaching user base with more opportunities to fall in love.

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