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Well, it is a good idea; but engaging in outdoor activities on first dates is a great idea.Why don’t you take your special girl to Wasini Island? Take a day trip from Mombasa to Wasini Island with her, enjoy the scenic views of the sea, participate in water spot activities such as snorkelling, swimming and diving.Instead, meet somewhere casual, a place like Sisima Coffee is an amazing location for first dates, where you can enjoy coffee and some light snacks.Sisima Coffee is an excellent place for familiarization; you get to know each other by chatting about everything.When you choose a lovely restaurant for your first date, your whole dating experience will be enjoyable.

Finally, you can feast on fresh seafood at a nearby restaurant and have a relaxed moment to yourselves.Visit: Everything about Caramel restaurant roars allure; it is an amazing first date location with classy contemporary style and tranquil atmosphere.If you are looking to impress your date, take her to Caramel.The restaurant provides a warm ambience, romantic and serene setting where you can easily woo her.You can pamper her by ordering delicious dishes and the finest wine from their a la carte menu.

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