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– Kansas City's downtown hosts peregrine falcons that can dive at more than 200 mph when full grown.

But their new generations start life as fragile chicks pecking out of an egg in a nest on a ledge near the top of the 30-story Commerce Tower.

But they remain endangered and in low numbers in some states including Missouri.

For more information on peregrine falcons in Missouri go to gov.

Young birds were first released in 1991 at Commerce Tower, 911 Main St., and releases in subsequent years followed. Since then, various pairs of parents have used the nest.

More than 30 young falcons have fledged or flown from the ledge.

Parents find food abundant from pigeons near buildings to waterfowl on the river.

Also, a taxidermy mount of a peregrine falcon, information about falcon ecology and a model of a nest box used for restoration are on display at the Anita B.

The Kansas City Scout Traffic app provides commuters and travelers with mobile access to information for Kansas City metro area roadways from the Kansas City Scout's Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

Sometimes she turns to face a new direction in the nest.

At times the scene appears like a still photo, until you notice her tilting her head or the wind ruffling feathers.

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