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A new social network is trying to overturn traditional Italian attitudes by giving women the chance to “shop for men”.

The Local speaks to the founder to find out how it all works.

Italians are stereotypically viewed as being a hot-blooded, intense Mediterranean people with a close-knit family structure and a passion for food and wine.

The British-Italian Society is a UK-registered Charity.

We raise money to support projects reflecting its aims and to respond to humanitarian needs.

The unlucky ones have to suffer in silence on the supermarket shelf. For a start, not just any old Italian Average Joe (or Giovanni) can sign up.

In their applications to join, men must fill in categories on their profile that include: “Manufacturing defects”, “User instructions” and “Features”.

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“After publishing their profile, women are literally inundated with dozens of messages from male users, half of which are of a sexual nature.” It was with this in mind that Milan-born Vavassori started Girl Shop, a free dating website that’s been active since February and encourages women to combine their love of shopping with dating.

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