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So again, to both men and women dating in Italy, and in any country where the culture is different from your own, beware. The first reason is that there is an affordable housing shortage so couples wait to marry until they can find and pay for something suitable.

The second reason marriage begins later now is anecdotally explained as many young men prefer to be spoiled at home by their housewife mothers, than to contribute housework in a working couple relationship, which is a growing norm, even in Italy.

Having said that..latest data shows that 1 in 10 Italian marriages these days, is between an Italian man and a non-Italian woman.

Most of these marriages are to poor Eastern European or Russian women, for reasons we can only guess at.

Once Italians marry, they are likely to remain married, for better or for worse.

Only 12% divorce, which is near rock bottom in Europe.

I've met men who thought they were in a loving relationship only to discover they were seen primarily as a good financial catch, and expected to support the Italian woman for the rest of her life, on his own, and that much of what she said to him and how she behaved was deceitful.

They strongly suspected that most American women were slightly retarded, especially compared to Italian women, who knew better than to believe anything the men said.She eventually did catch one, and is living, last I heard, as his wife in Boston.I've met others who forged loving relationships with Italian women who wanted desperately to leave Italy behind and to move to a country where they could use their education to earn a decent living, and where they didn't feel they had to play a part with the man they loved.I'm a woman, so I have much here about what is like for a foreign woman to date in Italy.But I also have much here about marriage in Italy in general, and anecdotes about foreign men dating in Italy.

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